Crazy-ass dreams from the messed-up mind of Micara

Monday, August 30, 2010

The best reason for having dreams is that in dreams no reasons are necessary. ~Ashleigh Brilliant

Oh boy. Did I ever have some crazy dreams last night. And I've been procrastinating writing them up all day. Well, here goes!

Dreamdate: August 28, 2010. First dream occurred between 10:00pm and 2:00am. Second dream was between 4:00am and 11:00am.

PDA: I had a very emotional night. A fight with someone I care about deeply, and I also felt sick to my stomach and had a bad headache. I took NyQuil prior to going to bed.

Setup: First dream concerned my best friend Mandy; second dream involved my mom, brother, daughter, and my good friends Yesica and Leticia.

Dream #1: I was in a car, on the way to a grocery store, like Schnucks or Shop N Save. I picked up a hitchhiker, who coincidentally needed to go to the same exact store. I arrived there at about 8:15p.m. and there was a sign up that they were closing at 8:35p.m. Why this weird time, I do not know. I grabbed my cart and went around hurriedly trying to get everything that I needed. I got held up in the meat department, where I was trying to buy a seasoned chicken and some steak fries. I ran into Mike, who I used to work with in the meat department. Next thing I know, I am up in the fruit department, scooping a bunch of pineapple chunks into a huge Ziploc bag. My purse is sitting in my cart. Then some guy runs through the store and steals my purse out of my cart! But luckily a tall blond guy in a Marine uniform knocked him down and returned my purse to me. That was nice of him! Next I head over to the cookies and crackers, where I get some Townhouse Flatbread Crisps. I realize that I have to hurry, so I finish up and head to the checkout, where a girl I used to work with, Melissa, is the cashier. And who is in line in front of me, but my best friend Mandy! We shoot the shit and compare what we bought, and end up walking out to the parking lot together, where her husband is waiting in the car. We load up our groceries and say good night.

I drive the car out onto the road, but for some reason, it quit working, so I put it in reverse to try and get it to go. Next thing I know, I'm barreling backwards towards a line of cars! OMG! But I manage to get it under control. I head home, and it's like I'm driving in Grand Theft Auto. Oops, I hit a parked car, and 2 stars show up on my windshield, just like in the game. I accidentally run over some cops in my haste to get home, and now I have 5 stars! I pull into my driveway (of my old house I grew up in and not my current residence, for some reason) and cops with shotguns are firing at me. OMG, what do I do? I turn off the car, and they all go away. Whew. Then I woke up.

Dream #2: I am with my mom and brother and we are at the airport about to get on our flights. They are going to Colorado and I am going to Seattle. (This is actually true in October.) I am nervous because we are cutting it close and I want to make the flight. I pull a bunch of junk out of my backpack that I'm afraid won't make it through security. We get to the ticket counter and it turns out that I printed out the wrong thing, so it costs me another $70 to get it straightened out. My mom just tells me to charge it. But I'm changing planes, so won't it end up costing me another $70 at the next stop? Oh, who knows. So I pay it and make it in time to the plane. It's a Delta flight (also true) and I end up sitting in a row of 5 seats by myself. Sweet! But the people in front of me are a little annoying.

I look over and suddenly my daughter Meg is there, sitting next to me. Hmm. The seats are really big and comfortable, and I like them. (Now I know I'm dreaming!) Once the flight takes off, the flight attendants all come out dressed in costumes and saying they have a surprise. Instead of a movie, we get live entertainment from some tween star named Lucas. I take it that he is like a Justin Bieber kind of star. Meg, sitting next to me, is all excited. He comes out on a stage and starts singing, and the flight attendant tells Meg she can go on stage and meet him, and she is squeeing. I'm uninterested until Zac Efron comes out and sings, and man, is he HOT! And Vanessa Hudgens is there dancing with him. So I sit back and enjoy the show.

After the show, somehow my dad and stepmom are there, and we are all sitting around playing a game of Monopoly. Then they're gone again, and the plane lands. But not at the right airport. Somewhere in Arizona. How I got to Arizona, I have no idea. But there's a terrible storm and they can't fly out. So I am stuck in this weird little shopping area, and who do I see but my friends Yesica and Leticia! They are there too! We are bored so we go outside and look around. We end up peeking in the windows of a house and see all these weird wax mannequins in the house, just sitting around like normal people. Suddenly, this crazy old man chases us, and it turns out that he turned his family into wax and now wants to do it to us! So we run and hide and try to lose him. Luckily, the storm is over and we can get back on the plane and get out of there. Only now it's a really tiny crappy plane, and we had to climb up a ladder to get inside of it, and it was all rusty and falling apart. And that's where I woke up.

I'm not sure what these dreams mean, but I have an inkling that the first one is because I play too many damn video games, and the second one is related to my fear of flying/traveling, and the fact that I have another trip coming up. Let's hope that I don't land in Arizona though.

Until tomorrow, Dream On!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

All the things one has forgotten scream for help in dreams. ~Elias Canetti

Okay, y'all, today is gonna be short and sweet. It is kinda sweet, actually!

Dreamdate: August 26, 2010. Sometime between 3:00a.m. and 10:00a.m.

PDA: I was watching episodes of "The Colony" online, but I don't know what that really has to do with anything.

Setup: This one has to do with my pal Rick from England. Apparently, I am touring the world via my dreams.

In my dream, I was standing on a corner outside my prior place of employment, and it was winter and very icy out. Rick was driving this small, blue car and he pulled up alongside the corner. I jumped in, gave him a hug, and then jumped back out, leaving my purse in his car. I start walking towards work and I remember that I left my purse, and proceed to run back towards the car, slipping and sliding on the ice on the sidewalk. By the time I got back, Rick was of course gone, and I never did get my purse back. The end.

I think maybe this dream has to do with losing something and not being able to retrieve it. It could be my diamond ring that I misplaced several years ago and still can't find, or it might be something more profound like losing my cousin Nikki to a terrible accident last week. Any thoughts?

Until next time, Dream On!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dreams are only thoughts you didn't have time to think about during the day. Author Unknown.

Today's dreams are actually several little vignettes that kind of ran together.

Dreamdate: August 25, 2010, late morning to early afternoon.

PDA: I stayed up all night, finally falling asleep around 8:00a.m. I slept until about 1:30p.m. The last thing I ate were some Totino's pizza rolls at about 3:00a.m.

The first dream I had took place initially at midnight in a part of town over by where my grandparents used to live. I was driving around looking for a place to park in between people's backyards and the gravel roads.The next thing I knew, I was rollerblading instead of driving, and helping my brother find a place to park his motorcycle outside of a nightclub. Then this security guard was chasing us, and so I gave my brother my rollerblades to get out of there. And somehow I ended up with a skateboard, and I was skating around with the security guard chasing me. And I got away. Woot!

The next dream I had, my daughter Meg, who is 12, ran away and was living in a cave with a criminal. I kept texting her and trying to get her to come back, but she wouldn't. But then I tricked her and got her back by doing something to her phone that zapped her back to me.

The last thing I dreamed was that I was in high school with all the kids from the American Pie movies. And I was kind of a bad kid, mean to everyone, and not paying attention in class. But then I ended up in an English class, reading a Dr. Seuss book, and I started being a good student all of a sudden. Thanks to Dr. Seuss, I guess. And I got a big box of makeup from Sephora. The end.

I don't know what any of these dreams are about, but there you go. Any ideas?

Dream On!

Dreams are illustrations... from the book your soul is writing about you. Marsha Norman

I thought I'd start off this blog with a recent dream.

Dreamdate: August 24, 2010

PDA (Pre-Dream Activity): I had this dream while taking a nap, from approximately 8:00a.m. until about noon. Before I slept, I had a cinnamon bagel with strawberry cream cheese and a glass of milk.

Setup: This dream involves my friend Stephen, from Ireland.

In my dream, I was working at a Wal-Mart that basically doubled as a prison. Like, shoppers couldn't get out. Stephen was working there too, and we were basically rivals for a management position. In my dream, I was taking a shower in this little cubicle that was in between the entrance to Wal-Mart and the parking lot. I remember using some weird shampoo stuff from inside the store, and somehow arguing with Stephen, who was also taking a shower nearby.

Then, after the shower (I guess) I was giving one of the shopper/prisoners a makeover. She had a really bad hairdo, kind of like a black mullet. So I cut her hair and made it all blonde and pretty. Then I gave her a bunch of makeup from Wal-Mart to take with her.

The next thing I know, I am in a hot-air balloon with Stephen, and we are flying to his parents' house. We land as they are having a picnic outside, next to a really loud outdoor heavy metal concert. But the food is really top-notch gourmet stuff. And his parents and sister kept trying to set us up with each other. And somehow we go along with it and start dating.

The next minute, we are married and living together in this fabulous apartment in Chicago. God, I loved this apartment, even though it's not real. Everything was really stylish and done in this deep burgundy color. And there was a huge flat screen TV in the living room. And in the dining room, we had floor to ceiling windows that looked down into an atrium. And we had a Tempur-Pedic bed. Wow. Anyways, we were married, and he was still on the Wal-Mart management path, but I was working at a prestigious auction house like Sotheby's or Christie's. (I know this comes from watching so much Antique Road Show!) Anyway, I had some of my colleagues over for dinner, including those Keno twins who appraise furniture on ARS, and they were all basically scoffing at Stephen's career. And that's where I woke up!

This is a relatively tame dream, as far as my dreams go. I guess I'll wean you onto tsunamis and volcanic eruptions later.

Oh yeah! I welcome any analysis of my dreams, no matter how amateur, because they are beyond me.

Well, it's 2:30a.m. so I'm off to cook up another dream for y'all. You're welcome.

Dream On!